Humans love gold. We love it because it is rare and valuable. We love it because it never really loses its shine.

Gold is malleable enough that we can make beautiful things out of it. Simple things like a leaf become precious when hammered out of gold.

Writers perform their own alchemy by hammering beautiful ideas out of simple words. Editors carefully buff those words to provide that eternal, golden glow.

It’s no mistake that many trees’ leaves turn gold at this time of year. After a long summer of work doing what trees do, they leave us with their beautiful best as they prepare for their long, winter slumber. Like arboreal goldsmiths, they give us something spectacular from the mundane.

Creating beauty from the simple things around us is hard work. Wordsmiths take an ingot of ideas and start pounding them into some sort of shape. Again and again they go over their creation to find just the right words, just the right rhythm.

It’s not just the great poets or great novelists who do this. The everyday writer – those who write blogs, training manuals, news stories, and business letters among them – who strives to craft the best writing product possible from the work-a-day, leaden words that surround them is truly the writing alchemist.

Readers see the untarnished value in their words -- those golden, priceless words.